About Jacqui Agostinelli

Jacqui Agostinelli, embodied as Your Curvy Coach!

Jacqui grew up in Rochester, NY and went on to study Musical Theatre in Boston. She continued studying education and Transformational Training in NYC and South Florida.  

As a performer, her physical body was ALWAYS judged! For years Jacqui felt her curvy body was not up to society’s norms. After much self-development and transformational work, Jacqui realized that the “ideal” body is a product of the mind, body AND spirit. 

The journey is what is the most beneficial to all, NOT that final destination. Because of this, Jacqui now private and group coaches mainly women on their mindsets which is where it all begins. She partners mindset coaching and self-image work along with nutritional programs that create a result of living LIFE OUT LOUD!! 

As her own personal journey continues she shares and inspires and empowers along the way and is constantly adding in new techniques to get results!  Everyone DESERVES to love themselves and their lives. Together we make that happen! 

Jacqui resides in Jupiter, Florida with her loving partner, James Squires and fur baby family.


I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Jacqui, she is able to bring a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her experience and ideas. Jacqui has introduced so many new concepts to me, but being present is the one I needed to learn most. It has helped me with my business and every relationship in my life. She has helped guide me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and my goals. Jacqui is not only my mentor but has evolved into a forever friend.  

—Teri Walsh

I have known Jacqui for over 5 years. For many years I played victim and lost control over my life.. I had lost my VOICE. I felt  unworthy, lost, lonely and lived a life filled with anxiety, overwhelm, and deceit. I would walk around with a HUGE smile hiding what I was feeling inside. Jacqui opened me up, peeling away the layers. She would point out things to me and made me realize that I was whole, perfect and complete. Through her coaching, mentorship, and friendship I have truly blossomed. My business and life are a 10!!!! Jacqui  is an exemplary person and a truly amazing coach and mentor..
I am forever grateful…xoxo  

—Karen A Fishman

Jacqui Agostinelli has been such a major part in my physical and mental transformation over the past few months. She is the type of person you want in your corner when trying to make big life change. She has motivated me with tough love, unconditional understanding and love. Never letting me lose sight of my plan, dreams and ambitions. She reminds me that my body and mind are my own and to stand in my power. My physical body and my business have advanced so much with her coaching. I am truly grateful the universe has brought us together. Jacqui, you are so much more to me than just a health coach or a mentor, you are an amazing friend. And those are really hard to find. I love my Curvy Coach.

—Maura Moreno-Wright

“Living in the present, in peace, creates space for unprecedented transformation.

 — Jacqui Agostinelli, Your Curvy Coach
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